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FeedbackPlease type your FULL NAME. Hour 1’s attendance will be conducted using Spiral.
What do you feel you need to learn in this class to be successful in your BUV degree courses. Examples: Writing emails, presentations, meetings, understanding what you learn/read, pronunciation, learn business or general academic vocabulary, etc.


CNN ArticleDoes a person’s job or profession define their value in your culture? If yes, in what ways? If no, what does define a person’s value? Give examples


CNN ArticleDoes money equal happiness for you? Can people be happy without money? Explain.


CNN ArticleDo you assume that someone who has an impressive job is happier than someone with an unimpressive job? Explain.


CNN ArticleHow would you feel about being in a relationship with someone who earns a lot more money than you? Why?


CNN ArticleIs social status important for you in choosing a future career? Why or why not?
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