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Spiral transforms any classroom into a live learning space

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Collaborative apps for everyday learning activities


Carry out a quickfire formative assessment to see what the whole class is thinking

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Create interactive presentations to spark creativity in class

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Team Up

Students teams can create and share collaborative presentations from linked devices

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Turn any public video into a live chat with questions and quizzes

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Progress reports

Access detailed reports of collaborative class activities for summative assessments

Reviews of Spiral

1000s of teachers and digital learning coaches use Spiral for formative assessment.

Review of Spiral by teacher: Pól Ó Maidín @PM9090

Spiral speaks for itself. I particularly liked how easy it is to add questions mid lesson! #Recommended


Q. Is Spiral free? A. Yes Spiral is completely free for educators.
Q. Is it safe? Where are your servers? A. Our servers are based in New York. See our privacy policy for how we treat students online safety.
Q. What devices are supported? A. Spiral works on any internet enabled device. It loves working on Chromebooks and iPads.
Q. Does Spiral integrate with Google Classroom? A. Yes, you can use your existing classes and students with Spiral.

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