Lesson 20 Vocabulary

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Dormant: quiet and inactive for a time, but not foreverAfter centuries of being dormant, or inactive, the volcano Mt. Vesuvius awoke with a bang.


subjected: to be made or forced to tolerate or undergo it.The city of Pompeii was subjected to, or made to experience, severe damage from the volcano.


salvage: to save it from being lost or destroyedArchaeologists have worked to salvage, or save, relics such as this head of a roman statue.


opulent: decorated in a grand, expensive, and showy styleSome bathhouses in ancient Rome were opulent, or richly decorated.


luxurious: costly, and designed for comfort and pleasureHadrian's Villa near Rome was luxurious with expensive, comfortable furnishings, and decorations.


meager: too small or not enoughThese bronze coins had a low value. A roman citizen could buy only a meager amount of goods with them.


outlying: far from the center of a city or townOutside Rome's city gates were roads that carried people to outlying areas, away from the city center.
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