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Interactive video lesson plan for: Mole Day Music Video: Molar Eclipse of the Heart (Parody Song)

Activity overview:

Learn about Avogadro's number, the mole, in this music video to the tune of Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'.

This is just a fun video that gives you an introduction to the Mole as it is used in Chemistry - but you can find so many more videos on - have fun learning

Sung by: Alex Watson of 'Bastedo':
Produced by: M3NSA

This video is distributed under a Creative Commons License:

Sky footage from NatureClip, 2011
Background music from Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse of the Heart

Underground, moles are little animals with really weird noses who like to dig around

Round and brown, every here and there you'll find a hairy brown spot on your skin, we also call that a mole!

Search around, moles are spies who work in private espionage, they spy in secret, and they don't make a sound

Also found,
Everywhere in mexico Mole is a spicy sauce
Same spelling but a whole different sound!

Turnaround blind eyes
Don't you know it's more than you can tell

Turnaround blind eyes, moles can also mean something else
'Cos in chemistry a mole.
Is a unit used to measure,
The atoms or molecules,
In a substance of whatever!
It's the number of carbon twelve atoms
In twelve grams of carbon...
Matter's filled with way too many atoms to count,
So use Avagadro's number to express the amount!

For any type of matter: solid, liquid or gas,
The grams within a mole will equal atomic mass.
All you need is a mole!

Six-oh-two sextillion!
Six-oh-two sextillion!

Six point oh two two, one four oh seven eight,
Times 10 to power of twenty three
That number's a mole
We use it in chemistry.

Once upon a time Avagadro said hey!
And showed us the way out of the dark,
His number you must use,
A molar eclipse of the heart.

A molar eclipse of the heart.

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