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Which change needs to be made to correct the error in this sentence?Did you see the little dear with its mother at the creek?a. change see to sea
b. change dear to deer
c. change its to it's
d. change creek to creak


Which word should begin with a capital letter?Roadrunners live in the canyons and woodlands of Arizona.a. live
b. canyons
c. woodlands
d. Arizona


Which words correctly complete this sentence?Micheal ______ the fire when we arrived at the campsite.a. will be building
b. is building
c. was building
d. will build


Which sentence below corrects this run-on sentence?The sun is shining let's play basketball.A. Let's play basketball, the sun is shining.
B. The sun is shining, let's play basketball.
C. The sun is shining and let's play basketball.
D. The sun is shining. Let's play basketball.


What is the best way to rewrite these sentences so they are correct?Carol forgot her book so she had to. Go back home to get itA. Carol forgot, her book so she had to go back home to get it.

B. Carol forgot. Her book so she had to go back home to get it.

C. Carol forgot her book so she had to go back home. To get it.

D. Carol forgot her book, so she had to go back home to get it.


What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence?Sam scored the winning goal in the championship game.a. Sam scored
b. scored the winning goal
c. in the championship game
d. in the
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