4/24/17 - Chapter 21, Maze Runner

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Section 1 (p. 134-135) VocabularyRetracted - to withdraw or bring back inFoe - an enemyMomentum - the force of an object in motionAdjoining- next to or joined with; connecting


Make a Prediction - DOK 3 (Evaluating)I think ___________ will find _________________ because __________________.Because I already know __________, I predict ______________.


Section 2 (p. 136-137) VocabularyOnrushing - to rush or move forwardVertigo - dizziness or a loss of balance when looking down from a great heightStupor - a state of near unconsciousnessVengeance - a punishment given in revenge


Imagining - DOK 4 CreatingIf I were trapped in the maze, I would ________________ differently, by ______________.An additional way to escape the Grievers is to _________________.


Section 3 (p. 137-138) VocabularyEarsplitting - extremely loudMillisecond - one thousandth of a secondTactic - a carefully planned action or strategyAbyss - a deep down or seemingly bottomless pit


Examining - DOK 3 AnalyzingInstead of ______________, the boys could have _______________.Instead of ______________, the Grievers could have ________________.


Write ONE complete sentence that states either:Something you remember from this lesson

I remember _______________.
Something you still don't understand

I still don't understand __________.
A summary of the chapter

In Chapter 21, ___________.
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