PER. 4: Performance Assessment: Unit 1: STEP 2: Should people be prosecuted for online piracy?

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Discuss and Decide (p.10)Why has illegal downloading become a controversial issue in recent years? Cite at least ONE example of textual evidence in your response.


Discuss and Decide (p.11)1. Does Mandelssohn's solution make sense?
2. What are other solutions?
3. How credible is the information in her letter?


Discuss and Decide (p.12)1. Put into words the data shown in the graph titled "What Gets Pirated."
2. What is the implication of the data shown in the chart titled "Acceptability of Piracy"?
3. Explain the differences between the two forms of data.


Close Read (p.13)1. What two reasons does the author give for his position on online piracy?
2. What does the author claim would happen if everybody pirated music?


Chart (p.14)1. What is the definition of "credible"?
2. What does it mean when we'e asked, "Is this a credible source?"

Explain if the below sources (from p.10 - 13) are credible sources:
Source 1: Info Sheet - Is it credible? Why?
Source 2: Letter to the Editor - Is it credible? Why?
Source 3; Data Analysis - Is it credible? Why?
Source 4: Blog: A Musician's Rant - Is it credible? Why?


Prose Constructed Responses (p.14)1. Do you believe that the law should be more lenient for people who commit online piracy? Explain why by giving at least ONE example.
2. If you think people should not be prosecuted, what can creators do to protect themselves? Give at least ONE example.
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