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Complete the sentences:We use the 0 conditional
a- when talking about a general truth
b- when talking about facts
c- when 'if' has a similar meaning to 'every time'
d- even when something happened in the past or a past fact
e- All of the above (a,b,c,d)


Complete the sentence :We use the 1st conditional

a- when talking about a real possibility or result in the future
b- when suggesting a real but less possibility in the future
c- when we mean that things can be possible in the future
d- All the above (a,b,c)


Which conditional : 0 or 1st?a- If you buy an English course at Staffordhouse in Toronto, you also have to pay for insurance and registration.

b- When I was a student at Staffordhouse, if I helped my teacher, she gave me extra work.


Which conditional: 0 or 1st?a- If I invest my time learning English at Staffordhouse, Toronto, I'll get a good job in my country.

b- I'll get admission in a good university if I improve my English.


Which conditional: 0 or 1st?a- If you try a level-up exam, you might pass and move to the next level sooner than the rest of your class.

b- If you register for the English classes in the summer, the classes can be very crowded.


There are other words to introduce a condition ....When ; as soon as ; unless; in case; before; after; until; while


How to use other words instead of 'if'I'll give you extra practice when / as soon as finish this activity.
(means I'll do extra practise)
I'll give you extra practise if I finish this activity.

(means I am not sure if I will be able to give you extra practice)
I won't give you extra practice unless you finish this activity first.

(means if you don't do this first so 'unless' shows a negative condition)
As long as you do these activities, you should still be able to get good marks on the test.
(for emphasis)


How to use other words instead of 'if'Refer to these examples in case there are any problems with conditionals.
(because you might not understand how to use these words)
I can't start the next activity until John completes this one.
(to connect an action or an event in the present to a point in future time)
I'll give you extra assignments after you've finished this one.
(referring to a future action following one action)
You should put your cell phones away before you start the test.

(as a warning or to say that the action in the before clause may not happen
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