Generating ideas for transactional writing tasks

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There are always 2 tasks to choose from.


The rubric is always in the same format:

The main task

3 bullet point list of suggestions

reminder to use your own ideas as well as those suggested

reminder that SPaG counts towards your mark


Decoding the task


Personal safety
To advise and inform
N.B: these are the purposes specified in the mark scheme so the examiners would be looking for specific language & structural features of these two purposes.
'Peers' should be taken to mean other teenagers as these exams are written for 16 year olds!
Your language can be more informal
References should be relevant to the target audience.
A speech. This implies a more formal spoken presentation than a 'talk'.
Your response is designed to he heard not read!

The expectations is that you will use organisational and structural features such as opening address, rhetorical questions, groups of 3 etc. .


What you need to produceThe script for a speech advising and informing teenagers about personal safety.

The way you structure the text and your vocabulary choices need to reflect the fact that your audience would hear rather than read the text.


Language & structural features of writing to inform.

Coherently linked paragraphs - clear topic sentences.
Present tense.
Causal connectives
Mainly simple and compound sentences
Statement form of sentences
Language & structural features of writing to advise

Second person pronouns (you, yours, your . .
Mix of imperative and modal verbs
Active sentences
Sequential connectives
Imperative form of sentences
Question form of sentences.
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