OPENER: How Much Electricity Do You Use at Home?

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How much electricity do you use at home?According to the U.S. Department of Energy, residential electricity consumption is highest for _____________.

A. Lighting
B. Computers
C. Space cooling
D. Cooking


How is electricity generated in the U.S.?The top three major energy sources for generating electricity in the US are:

A. Natural gas, petroleum, and solar
B. Coal, hydropower, and nuclear
C. Wind, solar, and biomass
D. Natural gas, coal, and nuclear


What about renewable energy sources for US electricity generation?The top three major energy sources (natural gas, coal, and nuclear) represent ~84% of the U.S. electricity generation. In Georgia, natural gas/oil, coal, and nuclear represent ~ ____% of the electricity generation.

A. 93%
B. 84%
C. 79%
D. 67%


What energy sources did NASA use for the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity?A. Nuclear
B. Solar panels
C. Lithium Batteries
D. Solar panels and Lithium batteries


What energy sources did NASA use for the rover Curiosity?A. Nuclear source and batteries
B. Solar panels and batteries
C. Solar panels
D. None of the above
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