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Interactive video lesson plan for: Interesting English expressions to express ‘Being Lucky’ – Free English lessons

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Interesting English expressions to express ‘Being Lucky’ – Free English lessons

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I’m sure that you or your friends have been lucky too many times but sometimes we just can’t express how lucky we’ve been because we run of out words. So in this English lesson allow me to help you as I share a few English expressions with you that can help you express “being lucky”.

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We use phrases 1 and 2 when something has prevented a disaster. We follow the phrases with a clause that describes the fortunate action or circumstance. They are both fairly informal.

1. It's a good thing (that)……
Example : You visit your friends who met with an accident but by God’s grace didn’t get hurt. You’d say “It’s a good thing that they were not hurt. We must thank God for it.”

2. It's just as well...
Example: It's beginning to rain - it's just as well that we brought our umbrellas.

*We use phrases 3 and 4 when we are retelling a story and they are followed by some aspect of the situation that prevented a disaster from happening.

3. Fortunately/ Luckily,
4. As luck would have it...
Example: We ran out of petrol on the way home, but as luck would have it, we were very near a garage.

*Phrase 5 is often used to react to a lucky story that somebody has told you. You can also use it to comment on your own good fortune at the time it occurs.

* We use phrases 5, 6 and 7 in a similar way to phrases 1, 2 and 3. For example 'It's lucky you weren't wearing your best clothes when you fell over'

5. That was a stroke of luck.
Example : Unless I have a stroke of luck, I'm not going to finish this report by tomorrow.

6. It's lucky...
Example: I wasn’t wearing my best clothes when I fell over.

7. It's very/most fortunate (that)...
Example: It’s most fortunate that Phil was driving up to Manchester that evening and gave me a lift.

*We use phrase 8 when we have experienced a near disaster that was only just avoided.

8. That was a close thing / near miss.
Example : A situation in which an accident or unpleasant situation almost happened and was only just avoided I managed to brake just in time but it was a near miss.

*Phrases 9 and 10 are used to say that you think another person has been lucky. 'You jammy bastard' is very informal and only used with people who you know very well.

9. It must be your lucky day!(formal)
A particular day or moment in one's life when one experiences extremely good luck, fortune, or favour.
Example : Sir, today is your lucky day: you've been selected for an all-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas!

10.You lucky thing! / You jammy bastard (very informal)
Example: "The jammy bastard!"

Next time when someone around you gets lucky i hope you don’t fall short of English expressions. Do join me again in my next ESL lesson 

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