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TOPIC SENTENCEMy favourite drink is tea and I drink a lot of it. I always have
tea in the morning for breakfast. I make a pot of tea and
then I drink it all myself. Sometimes I have another pot
before lunch. At four o’clock, I make a cup of mint tea. Mint
tea is good for waking up and studying.


Position of the topic sentence:A topic sentence is:
A) at or near the start of the paragraph.
B) at the end of the paragraph.
C) a small detail from the paragraph.
D) one or two words.
E) a complete sentence.


PracticeI would like to tell you about my uncle. His name is Juma and he is thirty-nine years old. He is my
father’s youngest brother. I really like Uncle Juma because he is very kind and very funny. He also
tells us interesting stories about the places he visits.


Practicelove football! I loved football when I was a small boy, and I love it now. My favourite team is Al Ain Football club. I go to see our local club team every weekend, and now I play for the college
three times a week.


PracticeI like most types of books. However, the books I enjoy the most are travel books. I like reading
about different countries and the famous places there. When I go on holiday, I always buy lots of
books about the place I am visiting. Travel books help you to understand a place.
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