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Yesterday I was at a technology workshopI learned some cool things- like this website called Spiral (the one you see right now) and another one called Animatron!


I learn some cool technology stuff
I'm not hanging with you guys


I'm sorry I missed yesterday's dress like a Teacher Day! Here are some highlight pics from yesterday's best looking! (Must take after the guy they dressed up as!)


Today is Wacky Wednesday!Did you choose to mismatch (clashing colors, stripes and polka dots).
Or did you could wear your clothes inside out or backwards!
I chose to wear a mismatch tie (you didn't even notice, did you?)
I mean, come on, I would like never wear this combination together.


Check out this clip of a dog wearing their sweatshirt backwards. No, you can not eat your snack or popcorn out of your hood!


Tomorrow is "Throwback Thursday!"That means you can dress like anyone from the past!
You could be a hippie from the 60's
or an 80's rock star!
Or even a 50's girl (I think they wore poodles on their skirts)!
Have you ever been to Nifty-Fiftys? Same idea!


Later today, Mrs. O'Neill will come in for a lesson during our science time.
Afternoon schedule:
-Go over PSSA math questions
-Bathroom break/copy homework
-Mrs. O'Neill lesson


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