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Spiral - Collaborative learning for 1:1 devices


Student code: log inAt the start of each activity, a code will be displayed on the board so that students can join. They will need to visit gospiral.ac on their device and enter the code to be instantly added to the lesson.


What is collaborative learning?


UCL ResearchA white paper from London research university, UCL, found that collaborative learning, formative assessment and technology integration have a significant impact in the classroom and how students learn.- Collaborative learning
- Formative assessment
- Technology integration

To read the white paper, visit: http://resources.spiral.ac/white-papers/spiral_literature_review_ucl
Spiral have based their 3 apps - Quickfire, Discuss and Team Up around these concepts.


QuickfireQuickfire allows students to:

- answer questions which are then posted anonymously on the white board
- annotate and label images using the canvas feature

Quickfire also allows teachers to carry out a quick analysis on how much students have learnt and any knowledge gaps that there may be


Team UpTeam Up allows students to:

- be assigned to groups and collaborate
- share ideas and present their work to the rest of the class
- comment on each other's work


DiscussDiscuss allows students to:
- interact with presentations while engaging in discussions
- respond to each other's answers and collaboratively come to conclusions


Discuss: Practice activity


Lesson dataTeachers can:

- all lesson interactions and data is saved
- carry out formative assessment
- monitor student progress
- quickly identify knowledge gaps.
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