Vocabulary Lesson 18

Created by Holly Immerfall

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steadfastSomeone steadfast stays focused on a goal and an always be counted on.


RashIcarus acts in a rash and foolish way when he flies to close to the sun. The heat melts his wings and he falls.Someone who acts rash acts too quickly and/or carelessly without thinking things through.


somberA place, event, person that is gloomy is somber.


labyrinthA labyrinth is a winding array of passages meant to confuse those who try to get through.


furyA fury is a wild fit of anger or violenceThe warrior Achilles fights bravely during the fury, or violence, of the Trojan War.


unravelsSomething unravels when its structure comes apart.


bitterlyTo do something bitterly is to do it with resentment and extreme dislike.Hercules bitterly fought the boar before he defeated it.


massiveSomething that is massive is very large, heavy, and bulky.


embraceWhen someone gives an embrace, they hold that someone or something closely in a hug.


abandonAbandon is to leave a person or thing behind.
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