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All your favourite formative assessment apps in one platform

Engage students in lessons and at home with simple-to-use, everyday learning activities.

No apps to install. No download required.
Stay safe. Stay and study at home.
Spiral apps works on any device. Tablet Preview
Spiral apps works on any device. Laptop Preview

Spiral requires no integration with your school LMS and takes seconds for your students to actively participate in live lessons and assignments

Launch and plans with ease
Launch an activity or post an assignment to be completed asynchronously
Simple code to connect to lesson
Students connect with the activity using a simple code
Students learn from each other
Students answers appear live so they can learn from each other
Review activities
Or you can review, grade and feedback assignments off-line

Quickfire Lite

Ask a verbal question and instead of one hand going up the whole class can respond from any device.
Fast, Simple and effective in getting high quality formative assessment in seconds.

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Plan a prepared quiz as a teacher-led or as a student-led independant activity.
Choose a range of question formats from open, closed,MCQ, polls annotations, drawings and audio response. Assess in real-time or asynchronously.

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Import any slide deck, powerpoint or pdf and present live in class or on-line. Set discussion points for the class to discuss and let them share comments, thoughts and ideas with each other.

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Team Up

Student teams can create and share collaborative presentations from linked devices in class and from home.
Student teams can ‘take over’ the whiteboard from their devices to present to the rest of the class for peer review.

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Turn any public video into a live chat with questions and quizzes.
Watch with the class as they answer each question, or post, review and grade as an assignment for the students to complete in their own time.

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