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Our apps

Our evolving range of complementary apps build into one collaborative platform

Quickfire - For quick Q&As in class


Quickfire enhances question and answer activities, enabling you to get the responses of the entire class in real-time.

Discuss - For class discussions and interactive presentations


A powerful tool for creativity, exploration and deeper learning, Discuss encourages students to share ideas with each other.

How it works

Our unique three-way view connects individual students into one collaborative team.


Why use Spiral?

Why Use Spiral

Engage your students

Spiral encourages participation from every single student - even the quiet ones.

" I don't like putting my hand up in class, so it's easier when I use Spiral "

Why Use Spiral

Provide individual support

Our teacher control allows follow-up of individual responses on the fly.

" I like seeing everyone’s ideas on the whiteboard so I can improve my own answers "

accelerate class achievement

Accelerate student achievement

Use real time student data to help every child achieve their full potential

" Spiral helps me identify who needs extra help so that I can support them straight away "

What educators are saying

"This will enhance teaching and learning throughout the UK and beyond."

Ian Loynd, Assistant Headteacher. St. Teilo's Church in Wales School.

"Something really powerful here."

Daniel D'Alonzo, Education Innovator. Princeton, NJ.

"I am impressed."

Gillian Gouws, Mathematics teacher at Kingsmead College. Johannesburg, South Africa.

"Definitely one to share with my team."

Tina Papaioannou, Teacher. London.

Co-designed with the world's #1 educational institution

The UCL Institute of Education (IOE) is ranked first in the world for education. (QS Rankings)

We are working in partnership with UCL’s Institute of Education to ensure pedagogy is at the heart of our development process. The team at the IOE support our design workshops with teachers and students across the UK. Their research and literature review helps us create apps that enhance collaboration, facilitate formative assessment and embed technology seamlessly into classroom practice.

"We particularly value The Social Learning Network's commitment to grounding design work in the close study of schools, and of teachers' practices; this is a good fit with our research-led ethos."

Professor Martin Oliver, Institute of Education, University College London.

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