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Collaborative learning apps for your classroom

What is Spiral?

Active learning redefined

Spiral is a suite of collaborative web apps that can be used on any internet-connected device. Each app is designed to mirror a specific classroom activity and can be used across all subjects and age ranges. Spiral is easy to learn and simple to use.

Enhance teaching activities

How it works

Our unique three-way view connects individual students into one collaborative team.

How it Works

Collect your resources together in Spiral before a lesson

How it Works

Share your resources on the whiteboard and launch class collaboration activities

How it Works

Students use their personal devices to actively contribute to your chosen activity

How it Works

Monitor individual responses and provide personal feedback from your own mobile device

How it Works

Share responses anonymously on the whiteboard, address common misconceptions and celebrate excellent contributions

Our apps

Our evolving suite of integrated apps promote active learning, collaboration and assessment for learning. Activities from all our apps automatically combine into a class timeline that continues to add value to learning long after a lesson has ended.



Quickfire enhances question and answer activities, helping you to gauge the understanding of the entire class. It requires no planning – just ask your question as normal and students can respond using their personal devices. Show anonymised answers on the whiteboard in different formats to really bring the class’s learning to life.



Discuss promotes collaborative learning as part of your main teaching activity by enabling every student in the class to contribute their ideas into a shared knowledge base. You can prepare your resources beforehand and open up questions for discussion. Students post their comments and respond to each other – extending and developing ideas which everyone can refer back to in their future learning.

Why use Spiral?

Why Use Spiral

Active Learning

Empower every student in your class to participate, even the quiet ones!

" I don't like putting my hand up in class, so it's easier when I use Spiral "

Why Use Spiral


Help your class become a collaborative team who learn from each other

" I like seeing everyone’s ideas on the whiteboard so I can improve my own answers "

Why Use Spiral

Assessment for learning

Use real time student data to help every child achieve their full potential

" Spiral helps me identify who needs extra help so that I can support them straight away "