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Collaborative learning apps for your classroom

What is Spiral?

Spiral is a suite of web based apps that can be used on any internet-connected device. Each app is designed to mirror a specific classroom practice and can be used across all subjects and age ranges. Easy to learn and simple to use, Spiral makes lessons engaging, collaborative and fun.

enhance teaching activities

How it works

Our unique three-way view connects individual students into one collaborative team.

How it Works

Our apps

Our evolving range of complimentary apps build into one collaborative platform



Quickfire enables classroom Q&As so you can you gauge the understanding of the entire class. It is easy to use, quick to set up, engages the whole class and adds value to current learning practice.



Discuss promotes collaborative and peer-to-peer learning by enabling every student in the class to contribute their ideas, comments and ideas into a shared knowledge base.

Why use Spiral?

Why Use Spiral

Engage your students

Spiral encourages participation from every single student - even the quiet ones.

Why Use Spiral

Provide individual support

Our teacher control allows follow-up of individual responses on the fly.

Why Use Spiral

Accelerate student achievement

Stimulate the faster-paced students while supporting the ones who need extra help.