18 Mar 2016

Team Up

Facilitate group work - with students sharing ideas and building team presentations

Team Up improves the process and outcomes of group work. Students work in teams during one or more lessons - contributing ideas and building shared presentations in the form of slide shows. Teams can work from individual or shared devices to create high quality outcomes that everyone can learn from.

Good for:

  • Group work and collaboration - where you would want a shared outcome
  • This works equally well with individual devices or teams of students sharing a single device.

1. Set the task

You can set a single task for the whole class or one for each team.

2. Create your teams

Launch the activity and create random teams, or drag and drop your students into teams.

3. Students contribute their ideas

Students can use a combination of text, images and drawings. You can review ideas for each team and provide proactive feedback.

4. Teams create their presentations

Each team works together to review and improve their ideas before creating their presentation.

5. Teams present their work on the whiteboard

When teams are ready to present, you can turn their team device into a remote control for the whiteboard.

6. Lesson data is saved for review

You can view the responses from the whole class - or from an individual team or student, enabling you to assess the progress of each student over time.



Is there a way to link the student's projects into a portfolio?

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