18 Mar 2016


Quickfire is an ideal tool to use during a lesson to introduce, assess, review and reinforce student knowledge and understanding in class. It provides the teacher with the responses of the entire class in real time. Student answers are displayed anonymously on a whiteboard to develop confidence and encourage risk-taking.

Good for:

  • Lesson starters
  • Introducing a new topic
  • Reviewing a lesson or topic
  • Assessing student progress
  • Reinforcing knowledge

1. Ask a question

Questions can be prepared in advance or typed directly on the whiteboard. A timer is available to encourage students to keep up with the pace of the lesson.

2. Students respond using their personal devices

You can ask the students to respond using text or canvas.

3. Share answers anonymously on the whiteboard

You can request for students to improve and re-submit their answer at any stage.

4. Review responses collaboratively

Use the answers to review assess knowledge and understanding before moving onto the next question.

5. Lesson data is saved for review

You can view the responses from the whole class – or from an individual student, enabling you to assess the progress of each student over time.


Mr Charlie Vilardo

Can Quickfires be created using multiple choice and/or fill in the blank questions?

Mrs Angie Bakke

I think you could probably write a multiple choice question and have them submit the correct letter as a text answer. Or you could allow younger students to circle the correct answer from an image in the canvas answer mode. If you create an slide in Google Slides, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc., you can export as a jpg and then use that in your questions. For fill in the blank, write out the question with the blank and students submit the missing information as a text answer.

Miss Nuratiqah2107 Nuratiqah


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