Introducing our new, smarter and deceptively simple Quickfire app

18 Mar 2016

Quickfire is our most popular app, but there is always room for improvement! Thanks to your excellent feedback, we’ve been able to make some key changes.

Smart Answer wall

Most teachers were not using our ‘leader board’ and ‘pie chart’ views. However, those that did use them told us they liked being able to highlight identical answers. That’s why we have combined these two views into our new ‘smart answer wall’ which displays all identical responses in a single box. This will be great for closed questioning where you want to assess student understanding quickly.

Improved visual feedback

Some of you said it was easy to forget to ‘un-pause’ Quickfire (unlock the student devices) To help prevent that we decided to make the paused state more obvious on the whiteboard.

100% mobile ready

Quickfire can now be used just as easily on a mobile or tablet as a laptop and desktop computer. This gives you and your students the freedom and flexibility to use any device in your lessons.

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