How do I use Quickfire?

05 Apr 2016

Quickfire doesn’t require any preparation - simply launch it when you want to ask your class a question.

On your teacher dashboard, click the Quickfire symbol in the ‘Apps’ section and select the class you want to teach by clicking the ‘Teach’ button next to the class.

When the student logs in to their account, they will be directed to their dashboard. After the teacher has chosen the class which they wish to teach, the student’s dashboard will show ‘Lessons in Progress’, in a blue box. They can select ‘Join’ and then they will be directed to the Quickfire app. Click the orange ‘Quickfire’ bar and you’re ready to begin. Type in the question you wish to ask your class. When you’re ready for your class to answer, click ‘Start Quickfire'.

The question you’ve asked the class will be displayed on each student’s personal device, which they can then answer. When they’re ready to submit their answer, they can press ‘Post’.

The responses provided by students will be displayed on your device in real time. Click the tick if the answer the correct; or the arrow button if you’d like your student to improve their answer.

Select the icons below to view the answer wall (which displays all the answers submitted, along with the ones which have a tick); the leaderboard (which shows all the correct answers and how many people submitted those answers); and a piechart (which generates and displays a piechart of all the answers submitted).

If you’re ready to move onto the next question, click the plus button on the bottom left corner to add a new question.

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