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17 Mar 2016

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Mr Mark Ashworth

Hi everyone! If you're loving Spiral in class, please leave a review here for other teachers to see.


Amazing, I heard about Spiral in a workshop then used it the following day at school with my kids. They got fascinated with it. I usually use the QuickFire part, so kids can use their devices to answer my questions as they work in teams. When the principal visited me in class, he asked me to share Spiral with the rest of the school teachers. Love it :)

Mrs Laura Bridges-Pereira

I have been using Spiral for a few weeks and I love it! I am a Spanish and French teacher at an iPad 1:1 school. We have been using the "Clip" feature to create listening activities from Youtube videos. This is something that I always wanted to have for class. The other feature that I love and can't say enough about is "Team Up." It is an extraordinary collaborative tool. Students work in teams to create presentations being held accountable by the great participation tracking features. You can personalize each team's learning outcomes, you can give feedback to teams, pause all teams work, see work organized by student to hold each accountable, see work by type, to make sure they aren't just adding photos, and give them stars, to let them know they are on the right track. It is easy for students to start using. We have done three projects in class with it recently. In French 1a, students created a travel blog presentation for a city in France. In Spanish 1a, students created a house for a Spanish speaking celebrity, and in Spanish 1b students made a pictionary/dictionary of emotions and activities to say how they feel when they do certain activities. We took several days that the save and continue later feature is great. Such a great tool to add to anyone's teacher technology toolbox! My new favorite!


I'm EUNEOS teacher-trainer at Erasmus+ courses dealing with tablet use in education. I'm constantly looking for new options especially if they can be used across all platforms and on m-devices. I came across Spiral and tried it at the spot as it promised a lot. What can I say it is surprisingly user-friendly, straightforward and covers most of the things that teacher needs in her/his everyday teaching. I especially like Quickfire that offers prompt formative assessment during the lessons. It can be created on the spot when needed. Presentations can be shared on all devices instantly and can be made interactive with a possibility to ask questions and assess students' answers. I would point out Clip an important, easy to use and strong tool that helps teachers make videos lessons interactive with questions and quizzes added to a video. This tool is especially useful for those who practice flipped classroom. I hope in future they will add also a possibility for recording instructions then it will be just perfect. I'm sure they are going to make the Team up tool with more options as it is an important feature for collaborative group work. Good work, team! Greetings from Slovenia.

Mr Joseph Pollock

I started using Spiral a couple of weeks ago as I was looking for an alternative to other platforms I was using. I wanted see student answers in real time and have the answers displayed, but with no names attached to the work, plus be able to give feedback.
It has greatly improved my students' work as they are able to get immediate feedback from me and see modeled from their peers how their work should look.

Jaclyn Klafter

I would love to be able to write a comment to my students when I send a response back to them so they know what I would like them to fix. I like that I can give them immediate feedback, but I find myself talking to them across the room because otherwise they do not know how to correct their work. I would also like to see their responses in real time so I know which students are struggling to even come up with an answer in the first place,

Jordan Venne

Very quick and easy to setup and run with. I would like it if the Clip activity allowed you to embed the video for the student to play around with on their end.
Other than that, I think it's a really cool system, combines a lot of different and useful tools all in one place.

Dera Ronquillo

Would live to have the ability to use this with Google Classroom. I'm a Special Education teacher and would like for my colleagues and the students' General Education Teacher to access their info too? If it's possible, I would love to have the option to give access to at least 5 other teachers! Can the parents access their child's account?

Dr Pat Newcomb

Love the annotation/drawing capability in Quickfire--- one question though -- can the responding student change the pen color? We mark up x-rays and black is often way not the right color! I've not used the presentation (team up) feature yet - which may have easier color switches -- because the formative piece I'm doing I'm looking for an individual response ----
Pat N

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