Spiral Feature Requests and Ideas

17 Mar 2016

Hi everyone. As you know, we make Spiral for teachers based on their requests. If you have a feature request, please post it here. If it gets enough upvotes we will build it into the system!


Mr Mark Ashworth

Allow teachers to set their own rubrics for answers

Mr Mark Ashworth

An 'improve all' button, so the teacher can ask every student to improve their answer.

Mr Charlie Vilardo

Allow students to create Quickfires (see Kahoot) to support their student-created presentations. May include a 'share' feature so the teacher can review it ahead of time.

Mr Greg Duguid, Teacher

Add a competitive option for quick fire that allows teachers to turn on/off a points award system (in the style of kahoot)

Mr Charlie Vilardo

Add multiple choice, fill-in the blanks and true/false questions (with correct responses flagged).

Ms Qiuwen Lin

For the Discuss feature, set the slides to default 'play' mode instead of having to click on the 'play' button for each slide. Alternatively, can there be a way to preset this function when editing the slides?

Mary Li

Maybe can add the audio function so that student can record their voice when answer questions. Good for language learning.

Mrs Tiffany Floria

I would love to see this as a "flipped learning" model - where I can set up these videos for kids to watch at home, and I can collect feedback to save and discuss in class the following day

Michael Kurinsky

In Discuss, a setting like “Use Discuss in Student Response mode” so that it can be used as a student response system to just collect answers (and not promote discussion).

We have some activities/questions on Google Slides that we want to project and then receive student answers.

This would let teachers seamlessly add formative assessment questions (and/or discussion questions) to these presentations.

Mrs E Butler

Hi, it would be really good if there were a way to share a spiral with colleague without making it public. I would also love to see the feature where I could set an activity going for the children to choose when to move on so that we are not waiting for others to finish before they need to move on.

Mr Harvey Mccarthey

Rather like Tiffany's suggestion, Clip would have such a lot more applications if it could be controlled by the students. For example, the teacher sets up an interactive video using Clip and shares this with their pupils. Pupils can then watch and interact with the video at their own pace, replaying sections, answering questions/prompts in their own time and at their own pace, rather than having to do this as a class, controlled by the teacher (although that obviously has its place too).

Mrs Sarah Holmes

Allow teachers to set time limits when setting up quick-fire and then have the questions automatically move on, possible with a sound so learners know the question is changing (like Triptico task timers) so teachers don't have to manually move to the next question and remember to click play every time!

Mrs Sarah Holmes

The ability to animate in Discuss so information can be brought in at different time. Better compatibility with PowerPoint so that the animations in the original PowerPoint transfer over and work when uploaded to the Discuss activity.

Mr Harvey Mccarthey

It appears, from the last few posts, that there is perhaps a theme around timings. Would it be an idea to have three options across all activities which lets the teacher choose from:
a) Teacher led timings
b) Timed activities
c) Pupil led timings
This would allow much greater flexibility and also provide more consistency across the various strands of the application.

Miss Nicola Davis

I would really like to see option 2 as an available tool.


Need to be able to increase the font size so it is large enough to read for the size of the room being used.

Mr Jordan Ullman

1) Have students be able to use canvas feature (like in Quickfire) in Discuss.
2) Allow multiple questions in Quickfire, students can progress to next question after answering previous.

Ms Jacqueline Barbour

Improve your answer - should be more detail. The teacher should be able to type what needs to be improve.

Dr Brian Lindshield

The feature that would help me the most would be integration with Canvas so that scoring could be done in Speedgrader and students would be able to see their answers.

Ms Katie Aquino

I would love for the Discuss tool to allow for a variety of answer types including the White Board draw feature that Quickfire has as well as multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, etc. Add to that asynchronous capability so students can advance at their own speed and even outside of class, and Spiral would be really cooking! Excited to see how this tool will grow!

Jaclyn Klafter

When doing a Quickfire question, I would like to be able to send a response back with a comment so that the student(s) know what I would like them to fix.

Ms Lucy Lavallee

I use team up to work on vocabulary in my ESL classes. Each team presents the result of their research in class. It would be SO helpful if it were possible to save the printable/downloadable version of those presentations so that the students could share them and study the words of other teams later.

Mr Gabriel Retana

Ability to open a private wi-fi connection for students who need to connect to the school's WI-FI for access to Spiral. Once the class is over the connection stops, and can be reopened at next class, with a new password to log on. Thank you!

Ms Alison Ludwig

It would be helpful to have ability to delete a student's name if they sign up with something inappropriate. #MiddleSchoolProblems

Ms Alison Ludwig

It would be great to have differentiated levels for quickfire. For example, clicking on students names to give them a hint or an extension? Or generating a bundle of questions for students to work through at a time in a choose your own level type of way.

Johanna Naczi

Spiral offers so much in one place, it's awesome. One feature I would like to see is improved editing on clips - so the video could be shortened ( start later, end earlier) to focus on one segment. It would be great to have it as a homework assignment too!


Would love to have a way to type math equations. For example x^2 or \sqrt. Something that could do simple LaTeX commands.

Robert Tesmond

It would be really helpful to share clips that I have made with other teachers for them to use in their class. So much of what we do in education these days is based on collaborative teams that are supposed to be horizontally aligned and lockstep.

Robert Tesmond

I would love to be able to insert a doc or slide into the video at a certain point. For instance, I used Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill" to introduce the idea of comfort zone. Partway through the video, I ask students to determine what they think are characteristics of a comfort zone, then I want to show them the characteristics I have defined in a comfort zone, then I want them to reconsider some of the song with these new characteristics to define comfort zone. It would be helpful if I could insert my pdf, slide, doc, jpg, etc. in that portion of the video to use in my lesson.

Dr Pat Newcomb

Love the annotation/drawing capability in Quickfire--- one question though -- can the responding student change the pen color? We mark up x-rays and black is often way not the right color! I've not used the presentation (team up) feature yet - which may have easier color switches -- because the formative piece I'm doing I'm looking for an individual response ---- Pat N

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