18 Mar 2016


Create an interactive presentation to spark collaboration in class

Discuss is a powerful tool that encourages students to share their ideas in class. The content created forms a valuable shared knowledge base which can be accessed in the future for reviewing and assessing student progress as to inform future planning.

Good for:

  • Class collaboration
  • Class discussions & building a shared knowledge base
  • Engaging all students in the class, even the quiet ones
  • Tracking student progress
  • Informing teacher planning of lessons

1. Create a presentation

Upload from PowerPoint or create from scratch using text, images and videos. Questions and tasks for students can be added to key slides.

2. Share presentation in a lesson

You can ask your students to contribute using their personal devices at any point during the presentation.

3. Start classroom discussion

Students respond using their personal devices. They can also comment on each others' responses

4. Review student responses

You can spark further discussion in class by clicking 'shuffle,' inviting students to comment on each others' responses

5. Share discussion highlights

Pause the discussion at any time to bring students' attention back to the board - where high level ideas can be celebrated, triggering a verbal discussion. Common misconceptions can be addressed during the class.

6. Lesson data is saved for review

You can view the responses from the whole class - or from an individual student enabling you to assess the progress of each student over time.


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