14 Jan 2017


Get students to focus and concentrate on class videos

You can simply find and play any video from Youtube and students can add comments in a live feed.

In addition, you can add questions or multiple-choice quizzes, review on the whiteboard and save the results if you wish.

Getting started

Open Clip from the Homepage or search for a relevant clip in Public Library*

* we have curated videos listed from all 16,000 lessons in the US curriculum


1 Paste a link to Youtube video or enter a subject search

2 Enter the video of your choice. Select and click 'Use'

3 Click 'GO' to start activity

Play the video and either pause or click a question or a multiple choice at the point you want the students to answer.


Here you have a choice to either ask and open (opinion) based question or a closed question where you will be able to mark the answers.

1 Click Question and insert the question in the dialog box

2 Click save and continue

3 A marker will appear on the video timeline where the video will pause on playback giving the students an opportunity to post an answer from their personal device

Multiple choice

1 Click multiple choice

2 Enter a question and some answer and tick the right answer

3 Save and continue

Repeat the above selections throughout the video.

In between questions and multiple-choice the students will be abble to comment on a live feed. You can choose to switch this off during playback.

Once prepared, you can review and save Clip to My Activities or click 'GO' to launch straight away


Students log-on to gospiral.ac on their personal device and enter the dedicated session code. You will see their names on the whiteboard as they log in.

Play the video, students can comment as the video plays, or by selecting "Hide feed" - you can wait until the video pauses ath the questions and multipl-choice for the students to see an answer box on their device.

The counter will tell you how many have responded - you can review the answers or the live feed comments at any point during Clip Activity.

If you have chosen a closed question, click on one of the right answers and all the other answers will automatically show correct with a tick message pinged to the student device.

Multiple-choice review shows the results and pings a message back to the student device to tell them their result.

You can review the comments at any stage of the Clip Activity


Click Finish to end the activity - a page showing the video and all student contributions is there for you to save and share as you please

Thanks for using Spiral's Clip

We welcome feedback so please contact billy@spiral.ac for any comments and suggestions


Mrs Heather O'Brien

Can these be assigned to students to do outside of class, as a student self-paced assignment? This feature might be handy for a flipped lesson.

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