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Kate is cutting wood to make a picture frame. She still needs to cut a piece of wood that is 1 3/6 feet long and a piece of wood that is 3 2/6 feet long. What is the TOTAL length of the wood that Katie needs to cut for these pieces?a. 4 5/6 feetb. 4 5 /12 feetc. 4 feetd. 5/6 foot


Begin a number pattern that starts with 2. Continue the number pattern by using the rule "add 3." Write at least 5 more numbers in the pattern.


Compare these fractions3/4 and 5/6


Which shows the number four hundred seven thousand, six hundred eighty?a. 470,680b. 407,608c. 407,680d. 470,608


Which statement is true based on the model?a. 0.4 > 0.60b. 0.06 < 0.04c. 0.4 < 0.06d. 0.06 > 0.4
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