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Interactive video lesson plan for: Torque, Moment of Inertia, Rotational Kinetic Energy, Pulley, Incline, Angular Acceleration, Physics

Activity overview:

This physics video tutorial explains rotational motion concepts such as angular displacement, velocity, & acceleration as well as torque, moment of inertia, rotational kinetic energy, and the parallel axis theorem. It contains plenty of examples and practice problems including inertia problems with pulleys, inclines, and kinetic friction.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Rotational Dynamics - Introduction / Basic Overview
2. Arc Length of a Circle, Angle Measure in Radians & Radius
3. Converting Degrees to Radians and Radians to Degrees
4. Angular Displacement Formula - Arc Length
5. Angular Velocity / Speed Equation - Rate of Change of Angular Displacement
6. Units of Angular Speed - rad/s or radians per second
7. Angular Speed vs Tangential Velocity
8. Angular Acceleration and Tangential Acceleration Formula
9. Net Acceleration Vector - Tangential Accleration and Radial / Centripetal Acceleration - Nonuniform Circular Motion
10. Frequency - Number of Cycles per Second or Revolutions Per Second
11. Period - The time it takes to make 1 revolution around a circle
12. Frequency & Angular Speed Formula
13. Rotational Kinematic Equations - Initial & Final Angular Speed, Acceleration, Displacement and Time Formulas
14. Calculating Tangential Velocity & Net Acceleration of a Disk Given Period and Frequency
15. How to Determine Linear and Angular Displacement Given Time and Speed in rpm
16. Centrifuge Problem - Rotational Motion
17. Average Angular Velocity vs Instantaneous Angular Velocity
18. Average Angular Acceleration vs Instantaneous Angular Acceleration
19. Rotational Torque, Force, Lever Arm / Moment Arm & Line of Action
20. Positive vs Negative Torque - Clockwise vs Counterclockwise Direction
21. Compound Wheel Problem With Multiple Forces - How to Calculate the Net or Sum of all Torques
22. Seesaw Physics Problem - Multiple Torques & Forces - Lever arm / distance from fulcrum or pivot point
23. Input Force vs Output Force - Simple Machines - Mechanical Advantage - Input arm vs output lever arm
24. Newton's First Law of Motion and Law of Inertia
25. Definition of Inertia - Natural Tendency of an object to resist changes in its state of motion - Resistance to Rotation
26. Inertia of a rod with axis of rotation passing through center, edge, and 1/4 from edge formula
27. Mass vs Acceleration - Newton's Second Law
28. Rotational Equivalent of Newton's Second Law
29. Torque equals Inertia x Angular Acceleration
30. Inertia of a Disk, Rod, and Sphere Formulas
31. Work, Force, and Displacement Equation
32. Rotational Work, Torque, and Angular Displacement Formula
33. Power, Force, Velocity / Speed Equation
34. Rotational Power, Torque, Angular Velocity Formula
35. Average Power vs Instantaneous Power Calculations
36. Work Equals Change in Rotational Kinetic Energy
37. Power Equals Work Divided by time
38. Power - rate of change of energy transfer - 1 watt is 1 joule transferred every second
39. Calculating the inertia of a system of particles or blocks of mass
40. Inertia Formula I=MR^2
41. Parallel Axis Theorem Formula I=Icm+MD^2
42. Inertia of 4 Point Particles of Mass M With Axis of Rotation Through Center of Mass
43. Linear vs Angular Momentum Formula
44. Linear Momentum Equals Inertia times Angular Velocity
45. Force is the rate of change of momentum per unit time
46. Torque is the rate of change of linear momentum per unit time
47. Conservation of Linear Momentum Problems - Turntable & Merry go round problems - inertia and angular speed
48. Sphere vs Block on Incline - Conservation of Energy Problems
49. Gravitational Potential Energy, Translational Kinetic Energy and Rotational Kinetic Energy Equations
50. Block of Mass Attached to Pulley / Disk - Find Acceleration Using Tension Force & Conservation of Energy
51. Frictional Torque, Block of Mass, Pulleys, Disk & Tension
52. Pulley With Mass Attached to a Hanging Mass and Another Mass on a Frictionless Horizontal Surface
53. Pulley / Disk with Radius Attached to 2 hanging mass - find acceleration
54. Incline With Pulley / Circular Disk with Hanging Mass and a Mass on Incline with Coefficient of Kinetic Friction - Determine the acceleration of the system

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