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Interactive video lesson plan for: Reddiquette Song

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Don't plead for votes in the title of your submission
Don't conduct polls in the title of your post
Don't send out IMs or tweets begging for votes
Don't mass downvote someone else's posts

Don't downvote just because you disagree
Don't announce your votes to the world
Don't link to blogs that linkjack and add nothing
Don't post hoaxes (please check snopes)

Don't flood reddit all at one time
Don't complain about too much of the same

Hail to the narwhal
And hail to the bacon
Hail to the orangered too
AMA TIL CuilTheory Gone Wild
We knew it before it was big (curse you hipsters!)
This is our reddit it's serious (freaking) business
Derp derp derp derp derp derp derp

Don't complain about story being old
Don't whinge about duplicate posts
Don't lament when your brilliance gets downvoted
Don't moderate just cause you don't like the source

Don't scream your titles in all caps
Don't use any link shorteners
Don't create mass downvote campaigns
Don't reply to comments irrelevantly

Don't moderate if you have a conflict of interest
Don't follow the rabble rousers
Don't be rude if someone doesn't follow these rules
Just politely point them my way
And I'll sing them this song

Hail to the narwhal
And hail to the bacon
And hail to the mighty ents too (who here's a 10?)
Mr. Splashypants bathes now with alien soap
In a sea of endless pun threads
You could say these memes are (puts on robe and sunglasses)
old wizard hat

Now here's what you -should- do

Be factual
Opinion based
and Use subreddits
search for dupes
Put in file types
link directly
to the canonical
be constructive
always report spam
read the new page
and the whole article (contradiction!)
post your own stuff
put links as links
and embeds as embeds
and always always always
use that magic h of voting

Hail to the narwhal
and hail to the bacon
May FSM rain blessings on you (r'amen!)
Sent Colbert to DC
Stewart tagged along to disagree
That rally's gonna be so silly and nonsexual
Episode 3's another year late but Duke Nukem's got a release date
You're moving in with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air

Let's repost that chorus one more time

Hail to the narwhal
And hail to the bacon
Hail to the orangered too
It's digg one day early and 4chan last week
And slashdot about ten years ago (curse you hipsters!)
This is our reddit it's serious (freaking) business
Can't you tell from my monocle?

Like a boss.

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