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Interactive video lesson plan for: How Did Colors Evolve in Dinosaurs?

Activity overview:

What color were dinosaurs? Movies depict them to be green and brown, but since we haven't seen a live dinosaur, how can we be sure? Well, Anthony is here to tell you how we might finally have an answer as he breaks down how color in animals evolved over time.

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New Research Revises Conventions for Deciphering Color in Dinosaurs While Suggesting Connection between Color and Physiology
"New research that revises recently established conventions allowing scientists to decipher color in dinosaurs may also provide a tool for understanding the evolutionary emergence of flight and changes in dinosaur physiology prior to the origin of flight."

Melanosome evolution indicates a key physiological shift within feathered dinosaurs
"Inference of colour patterning in extinct dinosaurs has been based on the relationship between the morphology of melanin-containing organelles (melanosomes) and colour in extant bird feathers."

Color In Nature
"Colours in nature are omnipresent and serve an essential role in providing a wide range of signals: 'I am fertile!', 'I am tasty!', 'I am dangerous'."

Animal Coloration
"Animal coloration is the general appearance of an animal resulting from the reflection or emission of light from its surfaces."

Why Do Animals, Especially Males, Have So Many Different Colors
"Why do so many animal species - including fish, birds and insects - display such rich diversity in coloration and other traits?"

Melanosomes - Dark Organelles Enlighten Endosomal Membrane Transport
"Melanosomes are tissue-specific "lysosome-related" organelles of pigment cells in which melanins are synthesized and stored."

"A melanosome is an organelle found in animal cells, and is the cellular site of synthesis, storage and transport of melanin, the most common light-absorbing pigment found in the animal kingdom."

True-Color Dinosaur Revealed: First Full-Body Rendering
"For the first time, scientists have decoded the full-body color patterns of a dinosaur, a new study in the journal Science says."

Dinosaur Colour
"Dinosaur colour is one of the mysteries surrounding dinosaurs."

What Color Were Dinosaurs? Test Of Ancient Skin Sample Will Reveal Final Answer
"Our books and films have long depicted dinosaurs to be some shade of green or brown- and for all we know, that might be accurate."

"We all know now that birds are dinosaurs, right?"

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