Class 4 - Unfreedom

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Class ActivityYour group is a colonial town. You are a member of your town's legislature. Most of the members of the town are married and have families. Your town is in a colony that is actively trading in both African and Indian slaves. Your town has significant farm land that needs to be cultivated so labor is in high demand. Your town also has significant poverty issues where many people crowd around the town square everyday. Recently, the Crown announced that a shipload of convicts will be sent and settled in your colony.


Class Activity1) Either individually or with one other person, choose a topic and come up with a law.2) Post that law to the discussion page here or write it down on paper.3) Once everyone has come up with a law, then vote in each group for each law.4) Tally up the scores to see which law got a unanimous vote.


TopicsChoose ONE:
Indian Slave Trade
African Slave Trade
Naturalization Laws
Poor Laws
Voting Laws
"Warning Out" Laws
Choose ONE:
Free Blacks
Native Americans
Indentured Servants
Poor, property-less


Alan Gallay, The Indian Slave Trade


Kunal Parker, Making Foreigners
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