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Interactive video lesson plan for: Learn English with KIDS - Practice English conversation & Slang words with Kids

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Learn English with KIDS - Practice English conversation & Slang words with Kids


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Improving one’s English can actually be a very simple, fun and creative process. Now I know most of you watch online videos like you are doing right now and I would encourage you to do it. Some of you read books, the newspaper and even watch movies. And I want to say good job!!! But do you know of a rather different approach you could try to improve your English listening and speaking skills? I am not talking about taking another online course…I’ll give you a hint..I’m talking about something small and clever…oh wait actually I’m talking about “someone” who is small, clever and just awesome.. That’s right! Children or Kids. Talk to them-they are amazing people!!!

Talking with children is the easiest thing to do because they say anything that comes off the top of their head. Now that’s a great conversation starter-an important part of learning to talk in English. Kids always have something to talk about. As you can see that she starts talking about her visit to the beach and uses related words like “vacation” which means holiday, “sand castles” which means castle shaped structures made in the sand for fun. Bathing suit is swimming wear. Waves are a surf like thing that moves back and fro on the beach. Talking about any topic with children can make you learn new words. Take note of what children say and try to find new words related to the same topic. I bet you can come up with many other words related to a vacation and your visit to a beach.

Children talk in “up-to date” English. That’s because they are learning new things every day. They use new slang, new words that books sometimes don’t mention. So if you want to keep up to date with your English vocabulary, talking to kids is going to do the job. She uses phrases like “blog” which is a web page you create to record anything you want and publish it for everyone to see. Adorable means cute or very lovable. Face time is another word used to have video chats with people who are away from you. Also watch the phrases she uses like “stay in touch” which means keep contact with someone, Getting along means being on good terms or feeling comfortable with someone. Hit the books means going back to studies. So kids are a great source to come in contact with modern English vocabulary.

Kids are curious by nature. So, they will ask questions. That gives you the opportunity to respond in English by using new vocabulary or vocabulary you may already know. Yes they can get you talking in no time. As you talk more, you will realize that your fright or anxiety of speaking in English will start to melt away. Here, Ananya is curious about what I do for a living. She wants to know what my job is like. She also gives her own views about “learning English”.

Please remember that not all kids will talk to you, some of them are shy. So don’t force any child to talk to you. While talking to kids, don’t baby talk and don’t try to boss them around. They will open up if you talk to them naturally as you would with an adult. She uses the term “Baby talk” which means talking like a child or using a style of speech which imitates how toddlers speak. Bossing around here means giving orders or being dominating.

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