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Interactive video lesson plan for: Geometry Rap! Beastie Boys Style.

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This is an extra credit project done in a 10th grade geometry class in NY. The three students wrote a parody of the Beastie Boys "Paul Revere" with a Geometry theme.


Now here's a little story, I've got to tell
About three bad dudes, you know so well
It started way back in Geometry
With James K, Mark, and me, Matt Deee

Done had a little problem with Mr. A's class
Can't solve a quadratic and proofs are whack
Scraping extra credits cause I'm in demand
Cutting out of class with "Oh... I got band?"

Then one day I got a piece of paper
Too many F's I mean I'm just a teenager
So we wrote a little rap to bring up our grade
One or two A's is just what we need

Don't know the area of a circle, or how to get PI
Can't solve for x, and lemme tell you why
Stay starin at the clock waiting for the 9
All his yelling and boat stories, just wasting my time.

My name is M.C. Mark I gotta license to solve a problem,
That involves wack triagles, that need to be congruent
But when I work on it, it's hard to get through it.

I think of all the things that Mr. A teached me
Like CPCTC, that s*%t was easy
Gotta use SAS to prove this triangle,
Or maybe SSS my brain is in a tangle

Slaving over the problem cause I gotta pass
Instead of SAS this problem is ASS

Yo 5th period math that's where I be
Chillin all day in Geometry
Doing all these proofs and we don't know why
Using math and reason just to get by.

You see math around you in a blink of an eye
Like shapes, numbers, circles, and THE GREAT PI
Quadratic formula is a pain in the .....
Who would have thought it came from the past

The Babylonians, yeah they made this
To learn about a square and what it really is

People use math for problems and thought
Like Mr. A. out in sea sailing on his boat.
He has to find out what way to go
Using different formulas till he really knows

People use math yes math you gotta see
People use math right on TV
Like the show numbers, yeah it's pretty lame
But math figures out just who's to blame

So you gotta do math you don't complain.

It will be worth it in your brain

So we leave you with this rap that you'll adore

Math problems, you want some more?


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