El imperfecto Spanish 2 Unit 6

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El imperfecto


This tenseis one of several past tenses in Spanishis used mainly to describe past habitual actionscan also set the scene in the past, what a person “used to” do or “was” doing


How to conjugate it for regular and irregular verbs:-ar verbs
yo -aba
tú -abas
usted, él, ella -aba
nosotros -ábamos
vosotros -abais
ustedes, ellos, ellas -aban
-er and -ir verbs
yo -ía
usted, él, ella- ía
nosotros- íamos
vosotros- íais
ustedes, ellos, ellas- ían


Uses of the imperfect:Actions Repeated HabituallyDescribing Mental/Emotional States or Desires in the PastTelling Time and Dates in the PastDescribing a Scene or Person in the Past
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