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Is there such a thing as the perfect bullet?

The bullet has evolved over 200 years of scientific research from a simple lead ball, to the incredible hi-power rounds of today. Naked Science explores the science behind the bullet and the technical advances that led to today’s ammunition. We learn how science better understands the ballistics that govern their deadly flight.

Naked Science starts by exploring the history of how bullets developed. The history of the bullet is inextricably linked to the guns that fire them. From the early smoothbore and rifled muskets, the renowned Colt revolver and the Winchester repeating rifle Naked Science charts the key developments.

Today in the 21st century, there are a dizzying number of different types and sizes of bullet. But first we need to know just how a bullet works? How it flies and whether the size of a bullet makes it better?

Naked Science looks at the stopping power of bullets and find out which is the most deadly. To find out which one does the job one of our experts hits the shooting range to put the destructive power of each bullet to the test and the guns that fire them. Naked Science tests the awesome power of one of the most powerful rifles in the world. The .50 calibre is a gun so powerful that it can penetrate 7 inches of steel and still keep going.

To find the most effective ammunition we need to know what kind of damage they do to the body. So what is the perfect bullet trying to do? And how do the aims differ in both military and law enforcement environments? Dr Martin Fackler, the leading wound expert in the US explains.

In a war zone or even on the city streets those that defend our country face these devastating bullets every day. What can be done to protect them? One answer is body armour. As bullets have become deadlier, body armour has had to get better at stopping them. So how does armour work? Naked Science investigates.

How does understanding the behaviour of bullets help solve crime? Naked Science recreates an unusual real life crime which was solved by Ballistic Forensics. We speak to real CSI experts in Pittsburgh to investigate how the science of ballistics is used to solve violent crime. And how can a bullet have a fingerprint?

Naked Science looks at the bullets and guns of the future; the new assault rifle for the US Army, the weapon of war for the 21st century, a high tech weapon that can fire around corners and a new ballistic technology capable of firing over one million rounds per minute. Finally Naked Science uncovers a bullet that could change everything, it’s a smart bullet and could make all other bullets obsolete.

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