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Interactive video lesson plan for: Microscopy - Inflammatory Response in Tissue

Activity overview:

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Sample clip showing “Inflammatory Response in Tissue” taken from the David Barlow Film Archive. Film category, Microscopy : Blood flow in capillary beds.

Differential interference contrast microscopy (DIC), low magnification view of a small artery and vein. The artery (top) shows white blood cells collecting along the walls due to an inflammatory response in the tissue. Monocytes in the blood are migrating into the surrounding tissue to combat infection. Here they become macrophages which will eat foreign material that has been "marked" by other immune cells.

The lower vessel is the vein which can be seen slowly dilating and then constricting during the shot. This regulates the amount of blood being drained from the tissue. This static under-cranked shot was filmed at two frames per second so the blood flow and all the other action appears accelerated.

For more clips, information, and licensing visit - http://www.davidbarlowarchive.com

David Barlow’s YouTube channel - http://goo.gl/fvYIlW

The David Barlow Special Effects Film Archive is a unique film and video library. It contains a comprehensive collection of moving images photographed by award winning cinematographer David Barlow. Clips are organised in a hierarchy of subjects and topics covering the following categories :

Animal Development
Human Development
Human Biology
Computer Effects
Elements and Textures

David Barlow is a scientist and cinematographer. He has devised a number of scientific techniques for filming microscopic and endoscopic set-ups to achieve optimal visual results. David works to expand the archive of scientific film he has been compiling for 20 years. He also takes commissions to create visual effects sequences, specialising in complex simulated reconstructions of real phenomena on a miniature scale. He uses models and composites to cross the boundaries of scale and create special effects shots for high end TV documentary production.

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