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Interactive video lesson plan for: Mr. A's 2016 Math Rap - "The Next Episode (Do Math Everyday)"

Activity overview:

I'm a HS Math Teacher in NY and for the last 9 years I've been writing and performing a math rap at the end of the year for my students. This is my newest, done to the track "Next Episode" by Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre. Scroll down for the lyrics.

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It's the mathematics teacher Mr. A
You know I'm dropping knowledge each and every day
Yeah - Yeah - Yeah - Yeah
You know who's back up in this math production
What What What What
So start the math up man, start the math up
Here we go

Hear the bell? Get out your books, I'm 'bout to blow your mind
Maybe to start we'll just discuss how many points on this line
some of the stuff we're gonna learn can really twist your head up
so when it's making sense in class you know you've got to get pumped
it all began with just a point- a location in space
extend in three dimensions and you get a new interface
graph in x y and z to give relations a face
and if the curvature is nill you get Euclidean space
the one where angles of a triangle will sum to 180
and with just 5 postulates it can all be created
but the 5th you may have heard, well it started a rift
4's enough, so they thought, tried to show that the 5th
followed necessarily from the rest but Euclid
proved triumphant in the end, and was vindicated
cause with a different postulate you might be Hyperbolic
and even though the math still works the rules are all different

Now we're talkin Hyperbolic Geometry
What What - La-da-da-da-dahh
from the imagination of Lobachevsky

Straight out the math tower SUNY SB
That's where I started on my Pedagogy
in Harriman provin theorems
cut my teeth on Linear Algebra
working in an arbitrary n-dimensional space
orthogonal vectors all over the place
If you wanna choose a more convenient basis
maybe help you prove an even more general case
after school I went to Longwood then NHS
where I met- Winter, Perico, and all the rest
sharing love of math- man I'm doing my best
to help the kids get ready for the ultimate test
so when you're in class give it all you got
cause if you got the skills, then you know what you're not?
not gonna be left behind as the future unfolds
with math you're always ready for the next episode

Hold up, hey
for my students who be thinking it's tough
we don't, play
we gonna push it till it all pays off
Hold up, hey
for my students who need to be told
take a seat
and let's get ready for the next episode
do math everyday!

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