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Interactive video lesson plan for: Songs on the Solar System in Ultra HD (4K)

Activity overview:

Are you ready for a starry trip to the outer space? Hop in and join us in this magical tour of our very own solar system!
The Sun
The brightest star and forms core of our solar system. This red-orange ball of fire, breathes life into everything you find on earth. It is the glue that holds our family of 8 together...

Planet Mercury
Teeny- tiny mercury is the closest to the sun. It has quite a mercurial temperature. Find out what and why... Play the song and you'll know!

Planet Venus
Planet Venus is quite a sight just like the Goddess it's named after. It's easy to spot... Keep your eyes wide open for this beauty! Watch this song.

Planet Earth
Our planet earth is full of wonders. There are still nooks and corners to explore. There are millions of species living deep under the oceans and seas, which we know about as much as we do about the outer space.

Planet Mars
This red planet evokes a lot of interest. We earthlings cannot have enough Martian stories... We firmly believe in a possibility of moving there... The earth is not enough for us!

The Asteroids
The asteroids float all across the space... They might be tiny but they have satellites of their own too. Never judge them by their size...

Planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter is a majestic one. There are lots of fascinating points to ponder. Are you ready learn all the facts? Just play the song!

Planet Saturn
Planet Saturn has the most amazing set of rings ever found. It spins around in all its glory. Watch this song to know more about this curious planet.

Planet Uranus
Uranus is one of the most beautiful gas giants... It's sea blue-green and is easy on the eyes... The first to be spotted by a telescope. Listen to this song and learn more facts about this planet!

Planet Neptune
Neptune has a blue tint that you cannot miss... Thanks to the methane around it! That's what makes the planet distinct.

Pluto is a dwarf planet now, and it's loved just as much. It fits beautifully into its Kuiper belt. Watch this song to know more about this beautiful planet!

The Moon
There are endless stories and poems about this soothing nightly visitor. Our moon is our special satellite. We just can't stop dreaming about living there...

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