IC2 Activity 8.2 Discuss

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Activity 8.2 Discuss


Go back to lab and view the copper squaresWhat do you observe about the combination of a copper square and water?


Is the effect in the experiment due to water? How do you know?


Does acid rain make new substances? Construct an argument that uses data from this investigation as evidence for your claim.Copy and paste your argument from IQWST to here. I am going to assign you to someone's CER and you will provide feedback to them. You will evaluate their Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning. Please be polite and open minded when you write something to someone; we don't want to hurt his/her feelings.Things to look for in the CER:
• Does the explanation have a clear claim? Is it accurate?
• Does the explanation use the data from the table as evidence?
• Does it use the right data?
• Does it use the data correctly?
• Does the explanation show good reasoning by stating the scientific principles that
help the claim and evidence make sense together?
• What does each explanation leave out?



CERA chemical reaction occurred when I combined the copper square and vinegar [Claim]. The copper square before the experiment had different color, hardness, solubility in water, density, and melting point from the solid on the copper square after the experiment. The color changed from brown to green. The hardness changed from a hard solid to a soft powdery solid. The copper square was not soluble in water and the copper acetate was. The density of copper is 8.96g/ml while copper acetate is 1.88g/ml. The melting point of copper is 1084 degrees and copper acetate is 115 degrees [Evidence]. The properties (melting point, hardness, solubility, color) of the solids before and after the experiment are different, so the solids are different substances and a new substance was formed. A chemical reaction always results in different substances before and after the reaction and we know they are different based on the change in properties. [Reasoning]


The solid on the copper square after the experiment is called copper acetate. Write a word equation to represent what happened to substances in the experiment. Label the reactants and products in the equation.Copy and paste your response from IQWST conclusion question #2 to here.


Do you feel you learned the learning target today? why or why not?By the end of today, you should recognize that combining copper with vinegar is a chemical reaction because the substances we started with (copper and vinegar) are different from the substances observed after 24 hours (copper acetate). We can tell the substances are different because the properties are


old substances interact/react to form new substances,
copper + vinegar → copper acetate + hydrogen gas
reactants → products


Give some other examples of everyday problems that you think involve the green substances copper acetate or copper sulfate.Don't respond here. We will just discuss verbally.
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