Emily's Blue Bird (Practice Coach Book)

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Based on these sentences from the passage, what can the reader conclude is Most Likely true about birds?Nests are dangerous places. They're easy for predators like squirrels and snakes to find, and after a couple of weeks a nest full of chicks can get pretty dirty.a. Baby birds spend only the first few weeks of their lives in a nest.
b. Baby birds leave the nest immediately after hatching.
c. After birds hatch, they stay in the same nest until adulthood.
d. Birds leave and return to the nest often after hatching.


Which sentence from the passage suggests that Emily is interested in nature?A. Near the old tree, Emily saw a bush with lots of branches and leaves.
B. As soon as they backed away, the hungry little bird began peeping.
C. The nest was empty, and all the babies were safe.
D. Emily watched the nest box everyday.


Which sentence from the passage BEST supports the idea that the nest box meets the needs of the bluebirds?A. Emily asked her father to help her make a bluebird nest box, to replace the woodpecker ole in the old tree.
B. They bought the materials, and together they built the nest box in her father's basement workshop.
C. Emily's father fastened the new box to another tree in the backyard not far from the old one that blew down.
D. After only a week, she saw a pair of bluebirds checking out the box, and soon another nest was underway.


Which word means the same as boost as it is used in this sentence from the passage?With a boost from her mother, Emily put the chick on a small branch, out of reach of cats.a. push
b. lift
c. improvement
d. compliment


Which is the best summary of the passage?Go to page A6
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