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Interactive video lesson plan for: 2017 DMV Test Questions Real Tests and Answers Part 3 Pass the Test

Activity overview:

1.Tailgating other drivers (driving too close to their rear bumper): Can frustrate other drivers and make them angry Can result in a traffic citation Reduces collisions by preventing you from being "cut off"
2.You must yield to a pedestrian using a white cane or guide dog: Only when a guide dog is leading the person across a street At all times Only if a crossing guard is present
3.A flashing red traffic light at an intersection means: Slow down before entering Stop before entering Stop and wait for the green light
4.A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means that vehicles: In both directions may pass Next to the broken line may pass Next to the solid line may pass
5.Backing your vehcle is Always dangerous to do Dangerous if you have a helper Only dangerous in large vehcles
6.This yellow sign means: The road ahead has many curves There is a sharp curve in the road ahead The road ahead may be slippery
7.To turn left form a one-way street with multiple lanes onto a two-way street, start the turn in: The far left lane Any lane available The lane closest to the middle of the street
8.You want to park uphill on a two-way road and there is no curb. Which way do you turn your front wheel? So they face straight ahead Right-towards the side of the road Left-towards the center of the road.
9.When parking next to a curb, you should use your turn signals Only when pulling next to but not away from the curb When pulling next to but not away from the curb When pulling next to or away from the curb
10.A flashing yellow traffic signal at an intesection means You should treat the signal like a stop sign Stop yield to all cross traffic before crossing the intersection Slow down and be alert at the upcoming intersection
11.You must stop at the intersection ahead just before the intersection you have to cross railroad tracks. You should stop before you cross the railroad tracks when You don't have room to completely cross the tracks The crossing is located in a city or town with frequent train traffic You transport two or more children in a passenger vehicle
12.Which of the following is true about roadways on bridges and overpasses in cold wet weather? They tend to freeze before the rest of the road does They do not freeze because they are made of concrete They tend to freeze after the rest of the road does
13.Driving under the influence of any medication which impairs your driving is permitted: Under no circumstances If you don't feel drowsy If it is prescribed by a physician
14.To see vehicles in your blind spots, you should check: The inside rearview mirror The outside rearview mirror Over your shoulders
15.You are driving on the freeway behind a large truck. You should drive: Closer behind the truck than for a passenger vehicle Farther behind the truck than for a passenger vehicle To the right side of the truck and wait to pass
16.Should you always drive slower than other traffic No, you can block traffic when you drive too slowly Yes, it is a good defensive driving technique Yes, it is always safer than driving faster
17.You are involved in a minor collision at an intersection. There are no injuries and very little vehicle damage. You should: Leave your vehicle in the traffic lane until law enforcement arrives Move your vehicle out of the traffic lane, if possible Not move your vehicle for any reason
18.Which statement is true about motorcyclists and motorists? Motorcyclists are not allowed to drive faster than other traffic during congested road conditions Motorcyclists have the same rights/responsibilities as other motorists Motorcycles are heavier than other vehicles and are less affected by wind/rain
19. This yellow sign means: Controlled railroad crossing ahead Be prepared to sop if the light is flashing There is a traffic signal ahead 20 If you are riding in a vehicle equipped with a lap belt and also a separate shoulder belt, you are: Only required to use the lap belt Required to use both lap and shoulder belts Only required to use the shoulder belt
21.Drivers are required to obey instructions from: Security guards patrolling parking lots Other drivers whose vehicles are broken down on the roadway Flaggers(signal persons) at construction sites

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