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Interactive video lesson plan for: 6 Memory Techniques-School Success

Activity overview:

In this video you will learn 6 memory techniques you can use in school to help memorize material more effectively.
Each of these 6 techniques have been used for years to help many people memorize more easily and quickly.
The 6 memory techniques are,
body method, Create a sentence
Create a graphic organizer
Create a song
Create a mnemonic device
Link the material with a story

Welcome to MooMooMath
In this video I would like to talk about 6 memory techniques you can use to memorize new material
I will demonstrate each memory technique, and you can decide which technique you would most likely use.
I personally enjoy the body system, and rarely use creating a song. On the other hand you may enjoy creating songs. All 6 of the methods have helped people memorize more effectively for years so use the memory technique you enjoy most.
I would like to start with the body system
With this system you use parts of your body as props to help you memorize.
I like to start at the top of my body and work down.
My ten locations are,
top of my head, my eyes, my mouth my nose, my ears, ,my throat, my shoulders, my clavicle, my stomach, and finally my seat.
I will demonstrate this technique by memorizing presidents 11-20
I will begin with James Polk. I will visualize a large JP on my head,
Next for Zachary Taylor I will visualize watching a Zach Brown concert with my eyes. His guitar has a T on it for Taylor. Next I will rub my nose and fill my nose more for Millard Fillmore.
Up next is Franklin Pierce so I will visualize piecing my ears for a B shaped ring.
Next I remember James Buchanan by picturing my buck teeth in my mouth.
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president and I will envision slavery choking my throat.
At my shoulders I will put on a jacket for the old Howard Johnson hotels I stayed at as a kid.
I broke my clavicle so my broken collar bone was useless and this helps my remember Ulysses Grant,
Next, I have hay on my stomach for Rutherford Hayes, and President 20 is James Garfield which I will remember by sitting on Garfield the cat.
There you go 10 Presidents.
You can envision anything you want in order to help you remember what you are trying to memorize. Sometimes the crazier the better.
Let’s look at 6 more memory techniques
In this video I would like to demonstrate five memory techniques you can use to help
memorize lists, facts, and any other item for school and life. I will demonstrate each
technique by memorizing the first 25 states of the United States.
In order to memorize the 25 states I will chunk the material and memorize each chunk
differently. I will use the following 5 memory techniques.
Create a sentence
Create a graphic organizer
Create a song
Create a mnemonic device
Link the material with a story
I will first chunk the 20 states into 5 groups of 5 I will memorize them in alphabetical order.
I will create a sentence for the first 5 states based on images I have of each state. This
way I’m connecting new content to images I already have stored away.
On my trip to the United States, I saw football in Alabama, froze in Alaska, saw the
desert of Arizona, after I saw Bill Clinton in Arkansas after staying at hotel California.
For the next five I will use a mnemonic device,
C C DE Flying Gator
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
For the next five I will draw a picture which will help me remember the next five states.
I have an eye for Idaho
An ill person for Illinois
A basketball goal for Indiana, and an iou for Iowa.
The pictures are just cues for name of the state.
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa I will use row, row, row your boat as my song.
The flat of Kansas, horses of Kentucky, gators of Louisiana, lobsters of Maine, merrily,
Merrily, merrily, down to Maryland. Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Finally for the last five I will link the states with a story.
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Anchor is a coffee shop
A mass (Massachusetts) of people walked in the coffee shop and all had a MI on their
shirt. They began (Michigan) to order a sota,( Minnesota) and had a sip ( Mississippi) and
said it was sour.( Missouri) Memorizing lists and material this way takes
a little more time to set up your stories, but greatly improves recall. I also find it
less boring. I was able to recall 24 of the 25 states on my first attempt and all 25 on my second attempt. Thanks for watching
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