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Interactive video lesson plan for: English lesson 79 - Clandestine. Vocabulary & Grammar lessons to learn English - ESL

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Learn to speak fluent English -- Accent Training, Correct Grammar usage, Idioms, Phrases and vocabulary with example sentences.

Sometimes you are very secretive about a plan that you have in mind. You keep it to yourself for the time being as you wish not to disclose it.The word clandestine basically means something that is planned or done secretly or something that is kept hidden.
I'm sure you have certain secrets or keep some things hidden from a group of people. It could be due to various reasons that you wish not to share. When something you do is not officially allowed or not permitted by law, you do it clandestinely. So, it is done in a hush-hush manner, to keep it away from the public eye.

For example, when you have a secret affair and keep it under wraps, it means you have a clandestine affair.As the word clandestine describes something kept that is kept hidden or a secret, it is an Adjective.

Example 01 : Peter and Mary had no choice but to have a clandestine marriage as their parents were against them getting married.

Example 02 : The clandestine operation undertaken by the police helped them to uncover the white collar thief, who had stolen millions from the company.

Example 03 : The board of directors were clandestine about the proposal of selling the company to their competitor, they didn't want to upset the employees until things were finalized.

Example 04 : Michelle and Smith had a clandestine affair at work, as they didn't want their colleagues to know of their relationship.

Example 05 : William bribed the traffic officer clandestinely, after he had been caught for jumping the traffic light.

Example 06 : Shawn told his brother " Shut your mouth! and be clandestine about the surprise party of our parents wedding anniversary".

Example 07 : The suspicious wife as usual clandestinely overheard her husband's phone conversation and was shocked to know that he was fired from his job.

Example 08 : Even though Peter was clandestine peter was about his drugs selling business, it came out in open and was finally arrested by the police.

Example 09 : William was jealous and asked his girlfriend, " what are you clandestine about? These days you are just into your phone messaging somebody all the time".

Example 10 : At the store, Tina took a clandestine peek at the price on the diamond ring that she had always admired.

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