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Interactive video lesson plan for: Organic Chemistry 1 Final Exam Review

Activity overview:

Organic Chemistry 1 Final Exam Review Study Guide Topics:

Alkene Addition Reactions:
Hydroboration-Oxidation (BH3, THF, H2O2, OH-)
Oxymercuration-Demercuration ( Hg(oac)2, H2O, NaBH4)
Epoxidation: MCPBA or Peroxyacid Epoxide Formation
Permanganate Oxidation - KMnO4, OH-, Cold, Dilute
Simmons Smith Reaction - Zn, Cu, CH2I2
Halogenation: Br2, Cl2, CH2Cl2
Radical Monobromination: NBS + Alkene
Halohydrin Reaction: Br2, Cl2, H2O
Cyclopropane Ring: CHCl3 or CHBr3, KOH Carbene Intermediate
Alkoxymercuration-Demercuration: Hg(OAc)2, CH3OH, NaBH4
Ozonolysis: O3, Ozone, Zn, H2O, HOAc, (CH3)2S or Me2S
Syn Hydroxylation: OsO4, H2O2
Hydrohalogenation: HBr, HBr & ROOR peroxides - H2O2
Hydrogenation: H2 and Pt, or D2 and Pd
Alkyne Synthesis: Acetylene, NaNH2 - Sodium Amide + Alkyl Halide
Cis Alkene - H2 Lindlar's Catalyst - Pd, BaSO4, Quinoline
Trans Alkene - Na, Li, NH3
Hydroboration-Oxidation, Alkynes: (Sia2)BH, THF, H2O2, OH-, R2BH
Oxymercuration of Alkynes: HgSO4, H2O, H2SO4
Oxidative Cleavage of Alkynes to Carboxylic Acids: O3 or KMnO4
Alcohol to Alkyl Halide: SOCl2, PBr3, HBr
Oxidation of Alcohols: H2CrO4, PCC, Na2Cr2O7, H2SO4, KMnO4
Reduction to Alcohol: NaBH4, LiAlH4,
Ethylene Glycol Cyclic Acetal Protecting Groups
Grignard Reagent - Reduction of Aldehydes & Ketones to Alcohols
SN2 Reactions - KI, Acetone, NaCN, DMF, NaN3, HMF, NaSH,
SN1 Reactions: Solvolysis - CH3OH, H2O - Racemic Mixture
E1 Reactions: Alkene Formation From Alkyl Halides
E2 Reactions: Zaitsev vs Hoffman - OH- & TBuoK

Other Topics In This Review Include:
Hybridization of an atom or a bond
Bond Angle & Molecular Geometry
How To Find The Number of Sigma & Pi Bonds in a Molecule
Bond Length of Alkanes, Alkenes, & Alkynes
Identifying Nucleophiles, Electrophiles, Lewis Acids & Bases
Drawing Resonance Structures
How To Identify The Major Resonance Contributor
Carbocation & Carbanion Stability
Rate of SN2 Reaction
How To Identify The Functional Groups In a Molecule
Monochlorination & Monobromination
Energy Diagrams for SN1 & SN2 Reactions
Endothermic, Exothermic, Hammond's Postulate
Enantiomers, Diastereomers, Meso Compounds, Isomers
R & S Configuration, Chiral Carbons, Stereoisomers, Stereocenters
Polar Protic Solvents & Polar Aprotic Solvents
How To Find Which Alkyl Halide Works Better For an SN2 or SN1 reaction
Markovnikov vs Anti Markovnikov Addition
Syn vs Anti Addition
Newman Projections - Staggered, Eclipsed, Anti, & Gauche
Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Carbons
Nomenclature, E & Z Cis Trans Geometric Isomers
How to Find Which Nucleophile is Stronger
Steric, Torsional, & Ring or Angle Strain
Cyclohexane Conformation - Chair, Boat, Half Chair, Twist Boat
Chair conformation stability
How To Find Which Acid is Stronger
How To Rank Acids in Order of Increasing Acid Strength - Pka

Feel free to use this video as a practice test.

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