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Interactive video lesson plan for: Which kingdom do plants belong?

Activity overview:

Plants belong in the plant kingdom. It is also called kingdom Plantae
Let's look at some common characteristics of the kingdom Plantae.
The plant kingdom is made up of multicellular, eukaryotic organism that get their energy from the sun. They are producers and make up the bottom part of an energy pyramid.
Let’s discuss a couple of traits all plants have in common.
The cells of plants have a cell wall made of cellulose.
The cell wall provides protection and shape.
Plant cells also have a large central vacuole
Plants also have chloroplasts that contain chlorophyll that is used to produce glucose.
Plants use carbon dioxide plus water with sunlight to create glucose and oxygen in a process called photosynthesis.

There is a very wide range of plants.
There are roughly 500,000 species of plants on earth.
Two major categories are vascular and nonvascular
Vascular plants have vascular tissue that allows them to grow larger in size.
There are two types of vascular tissue.
Xylem which transports water and phloem which transports sugar throughout the plant.
This allows some vascular plants to grow very large.
Nonvascular plants move water by osmosis. This limits the size of nonvascular plants. A very common example would be moss.
You can also classify plants into plants with flowers and plants that do not have flowers.
Angiosperms are plants that have flowers.
They contain a carpel with a stigma style and ovary
Most vegetables and fruits we like to eat are angiosperms
Gymnosperms do not flower and rely on airborne pollen to reproduce.
Many trees like pine and fir trees are gymnosperms.

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