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Interactive video lesson plan for: English Phrases to accept apologies and forgive someone – Free Spoken English lessons

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English Phrases to accept apologies and forgive someone – Free Spoken English lessons

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In this spoken English lesson you will learn some useful English expressions to accept an apology and forgive someone. Have you ever been sorry? I am sure you have, as we all make mistakes. What if someone says sorry to you, what do you say then? How do you forgive them? That’s what we are going to learn in today’s English lesson.

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Expressions and phrases to accept an apology or forgive someone.

It doesn’t matter
No problem
Please don’t mention it
No worries

All the above phrases above can be used in a situation where the mistake is not of a serious nature and are every day mistakes which we make unknowingly and apologize for them. For example Michelle was at a restaurant and the Chef added a little more salt to the dish she ordered, when she brought this to the notice of the Chef, he apologised to her and she said – ‘No problem, please get me another dish’.

Please don’t let it happen again

This phrase could be used when the mistake is of a serious nature and you don’t want the person to repeat that mistake again. For example – Your very close friend with whom you shared your secrets makes them public and now feels really sorry for what they have done and has apologized to you, if you agree to forgive them, you can say – ‘I forgive you, but please don’t let it happen again’

You should be, but I forgive you

The above phrase is appropriate to be used in a formal situation when the mistake is of a serious nature. For example – You’re attending the presentation meeting at your office and you discover that your colleague has presented all ideas you have prepared for the presentation in order to impress the boss. You are shocked and you confront your colleague, he apologises to you and you finally plan to forgive him then you can say – ‘What you have done is unethical, and you should be sorry, but I forgive you’.

Apologies Accepted

The above phrase is generally used in a business setting and mostly used in written English, mostly formal letter or emails.

You couldn’t help it

This phrase is used in response to an apology for a mistake which could not be avoided, in other words there was no other option. For example – The lead singer of your band absconds without any information on the day of performance due to a medical emergency at home and later apologises, you could say ‘I understand your situation, you couldn’t help it either’.

Some Golden rules to apologise

Express Remorse

Remorse means deep regret or feeling sorry; always start an apology with a sorry. Don’t just say ‘sorry’ feel it.

Admit Responsibility

Always take up responsibility for the misdeeds you commit instead of passing your mistakes on others and blaming them.

To make changes & Promise to never repeat

When you commit a mistake, make sure you don’t repeat those and promise to make changes in your behaviour.

We hope you would find these phrases useful and now you have a perfect mix for different situations when someone apologizes to you. With these phrases shed the bitterness and learn to forgive them without holding any grudges against them.

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