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Interactive video lesson plan for: Daily Video vocabulary - Episode : 75. Abashed. English Lesson

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Learn to speak fluent English -- Accent Training, Correct Grammar usage, Idioms, Phrases and vocabulary with example sentences.

Daily Video Vocabulary Episode 75 : Abashed

Have you ever felt ashamed about something that you have done?
Or have you felt embarrassed by a remark made at you?
The word abashed basically means to feel ashamed or embarrassed in a situation.
When you feel abashed, it means you are ashamed about something you have done or you feel embarrassed when you find yourself in an awkward situation.
You actually feel very uneasy and self-conscious when you are ashamed or embarrassed. You don't know what to do or how to react.
When someone is indifferent and doesn't feel ashamed or embarrassed, it means they are unabashed and have no regrets.
As the word abashed describes a person of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, it is an adjective.

Example 01 : Mary felt terribly abashed she had entered the men's restroom by mistake.

Example 02 : The famous actress was totally abashed when she found the media outside her mansion, after the new of her affair with a co-actor was public.

Example 03 : The financial projection and marketing plan failed miserably, abashing all the executives who had supported it.

Example 04 : Suzan was speechless and abashed when Peter told her that she had gained too much weight and needed to get back in shape.

Example 05 : I was abashed in front of my date last night, when I realized I didn't have enough money to pay for the dinner.

Example 06 : When the Manager made an unusual physical advances at Michelle, she just remained totally abashed and didn't know how to react.

Example 07 : At the meeting, when the manager mentioned about everyone's Salary raise except Williams, it left him feeling very abashed.

Example 08 : Mother told her daughter, " I can't believe you cheated on your exam! I'm really abashed by you!

Example 09 : One should be simply abashed to ask a question that could so easily be answered with a simple Google search.

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