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Interactive video lesson plan for: How to Control Your Thoughts

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You can carry thoughts around that push you toward depression, retribution, and psychosis. Learn to train your thoughts and plan your emotions so that no one, especially you, gets hurt.

Step 1: Accept responsibility
Accept and believe that your thoughts are up to you, that you are already in control. You must take responsibility for what occurs to you and understand the patterns.

Step 2: Talk to yourself
Talk to yourself aloud, as if you were another person. Counsel yourself, tracing thought origins like a private investigator – concentrate on negative thoughts and explore what the fear is.

Step 3: Write and face it
Write down negative thoughts and visualize what you think will happen if nothing is done. Follow through with actions that defeat your obsessions about helplessness.

Step 4: Rate your thoughts
Rate the thoughts that occur to you on the basis of importance or regularity and set out to reduce occurrences of the self-defeating ones.

Step 5: Imagine what you want
Imagine what you want in your life. Write these things down to practice the habits that make change real, and free your life of angst.

Watch out that you don’t fool yourself: studies have found that sometimes reflection meant to figure out conflicts is masquerading rage.

Step 6: Cherish what you have
Cherish what you have, meditating on the beauty in your life. Plan to do this every day, or every hour if necessary.

Step 7: Practice from now on
Practice positive thinking every day in a disciplined, peaceful way to make the control of your thoughts - and the actions that follow - habitual.

Did You Know?
A renowned experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated that intentionally positive or loving words and wishes transformed water crystals into stunningly intricate designs.

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