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Interactive video lesson plan for: English lesson 94 - Profound. Vocabulary & Grammar lessons - ESL

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Learn to speak fluent English -- Accent Training, Correct Grammar usage, Idioms, Phrases and vocabulary with example sentences.

Daily Video Vocabulary : Episode 94 - Profound
Sometimes you feel intensely about something, it could be a deep grief due to the loss of a dear one.

The word profound basically means something that is characterized by intensity or depth.When you feel or experience something very strongly or in an extreme manner, you actually have a profound experience.
You use profound to emphasize that something is very great, intense or something that has a strong influence or effect.

The word profound is an adjective as it describes something of being deep or intense.
Profoundly is an adverb and it means totally or completely. Profoundness is a noun.
For example, a boy who loves History, reads a lot of books on the subject and researches to learn more to have profound knowledge of history.
Example 01 : It is miraculous that a profoundly deaf girl could play such a beautiful music.

Example 02 : This fiction book is full of profound, original and challenging insights.

Example 03 : Dating another girl and cheating on his girlfriend, didn't have any profound sense of guilt in William.

Example 04 : When little Ben gave a bunch of roses to his mother on mother's day, she was profoundly touched by his sweet gesture.

Example 05 : The physically challenged child is profoundly aware that he is different from the other kids in his classroom.

Example 06 : When Richard told his boss that he hadn't completed his project, he spoke with a note of profound irritation in his voice.

Example 07 : The thoughtful and profound film that was based on psychology of human beings, bored the children as it was too intense for them to understand.

Example 08 : The sales manager was profoundly impressed with his sales team as they achieved their sales target for this month.

Example 09 : The students were profoundly listening to their professor while he was explaining them about the challenges faced at the corporate sector.

Example 10 : Michelle is a profound thinker, before writing her scripts, she goes into deep thoughts.

Example 11 : Samantha's  grandmothers death had a profound effect on her mother, she avoided meeting people and used to sit for long hours alone in her room.

Example 12 : After getting through their divorce, Kelly and Shawn experienced a profound sense of failure as parents.

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