Confusing Pairs

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Confusing PairsAccept (verb)
It is difficult to accept their findings
Except (prep)
The report is finished except for the conclusion


Confusing PairsCompliment (noun/verb)
Her colleagues complimented her on her presentation
His latest book complements his previous research on African politics


Confusing PairsEconomic (adj)
Inflation was one economic result of the war
Economical (adj)
Sharing a car to go to work was an economical move


Confusing Pairsits (pronoun)
The car's advanced design was its most distinct feature
it's (pronoun + verb)
It's widely agreed that carbon emissions are rising


Confusing PairsLose (verb)
No general ever plans to lose a battle
Loose (adj)
He stressed the loose connection between religion and psychology


Confused PairsPrincipal (adj/noun)
Zurich is the principal city of Switzerland
Principle (noun)
All economists recognise the principle of supply and demand


Confused PairsRise (verb - past tense rose)
The population of Sydney rose by 35 per cent in the century
Raise (verb - past tense raised)
The university raised its fees by 10 per cent last year
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