Differentiation with Technology

Created by Jbanghart@burke.k12.nc.us

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Differentiation with TechnologyToday educators are....
Required to meet the needs of a diverse population.
Provide individualized instruction.
Provide engaging content
track student performance


What is available to help us achieve these goals?Spiral
Google Classroom


SpiralQuick Fire
A formative assessment tool. You can ask questions and have students type answers or provide a canvas for them to draw or write
An interactive presentation. You can upload an existing Powerpoint or create one from scratch using text, images, and videos.
Team Up
Students can create presentations from linked devices. You can select teams or have them generated for you. You can set a timer. All students will be able to contribute ideas to the activity.
Use a video from YouTube, Vimeo, and add questions to the video. No more forgetting to ask that important question! You can include open-ended, multiple choice, or discussion questions.


Wizer.MeWorksheet creator
allows texts, videos, and images
provides a variety of question formats
has recording capabilities to provide read aloud
compatible with Google Classroom and Edmodo




ReadWorks.orgProvides a variety of texts for all grade/Lexile levels.
Includes step reads and audio versions.
Has highlighting and annotating features.
Paired texts for more complex or simpler versions.
Can assign to individuals or entire class.
Compatible with Google Classroom.
The fastest way to carry out formative assessments in class Sign up